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LED street light basics

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LED Lights (Light Emitting Diodes) are semiconductor lighting lamps. It is a high-efficiency solid-state light source that emits light with weak electric energy based on the formation of a semiconductor PN junction. Under a certain forward bias voltage and injection current, the holes injected into the P region and the electrons injected into the N region diffuse to After the active region, the photons are emitted by radiation recombination, and the electric energy is directly converted into light energy. It is a solid-state cold light source, which has the characteristics of environmental protection, no pollution, low power consumption, high luminous efficiency and long service life. Therefore, LED street lamps will become the best choice for energy-saving renovation of road lighting.
1, the characteristics of the LED street lamp itself - the unidirectional nature of light, no light diffusion, to ensure light efficiency.
2, LED street light has a unique secondary optical design, the light of the LED street light is irradiated to the area of ​​the required illumination, further improving the light efficiency to achieve energy saving purposes.
3, LED light source efficiency has reached 110-130lm / W, and there is still a lot of room for development, the theoretical value of 250lm / W. The luminous efficiency of the high-pressure sodium lamp increases with the increase of power. Therefore, the overall luminous efficacy LED street lamp is stronger than the high-pressure sodium lamp; (this overall luminous effect is theoretical, in fact, the luminous efficiency of the high-pressure sodium lamp above 250W is higher than that of the LED) .
4. The color rendering of LED street lamps is much higher than that of high-pressure sodium lamps. The color rendering index of high-pressure sodium lamps is only about 23, while the color rendering index of LED street lamps reaches 75 or more. From the perspective of visual psychology, the same brightness is achieved, and the illumination of LED street lamps can be averaged. It is more than 20% lower than the high pressure sodium lamp (refer to the British lighting standard).
5, the light decay is small, the light decay of less than 3% in one year, still meets the road illumination requirement after 10 years of use, and the high-pressure sodium light decays, which has dropped by more than 30% in a year or so. Therefore, the LED street lamp is using power. It can be designed to be lower than a high pressure sodium lamp.
6. LED street lights have automatic control energy-saving devices, which can achieve the maximum possible power reduction and save energy when meeting the lighting requirements of different time periods. Spark intelligent LED street light can realize computer dimming, time-segment control, light control, temperature control, remote control, automatic inspection and other humanized functions.
7, LED is a low-voltage device, driving a single LED voltage is a safe voltage, the series of single LED power is 1 watt, so it is a safer than a high-voltage power supply, especially suitable for public places (such as: street lights Lighting, factory lighting, automotive lighting, civil lighting, etc.).
8. Each unit LED chip has a small volume, so it can be fabricated into various shapes and is suitable for a variable environment.
9, long life: can use more than 50,000 hours, providing three years of quality assurance. The downside is that the life of the power supply is not guaranteed.
10, high light efficiency: the use of chips above ≥ 100LM, compared to the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp can save more than 75%.
11. Easy installation: no need to add cables, no rectifiers, etc., directly install the lamp heads on the poles or nest the light sources in the original lamp housings.
12, excellent heat dissipation control: summer temperature control below 45 degrees, and passive cooling, summer heat protection is insufficient.
13, reliable quality: circuit power supply all use high-quality components, each LED has a separate overcurrent protection, no need to worry about damage.
14. Uniform light color: no lens is added, and the uniform light color is not sacrificed to improve the brightness, so as to ensure uniform color without aperture.
15. LEDs do not contain harmful metal mercury, unlike high-pressure sodium lamps or metal halide lamps that cause harm to the environment when they are scrapped.
Based on the above principle, the energy-saving effect of high-power LED street lamps is remarkable, and the high-pressure sodium lamp can save more than 60% of electricity.
Low maintenance cost: Compared with traditional street lamps, the maintenance cost of LED street lamps is extremely low. After comparison, the total input cost can be recovered in less than 6 years.

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