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LED street light high-power products continue to increase in the application field

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LED street light high-power products continue to increase in the application field

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The LED streetlight supply chain currently has mature lighting systems in China, including epitaxial wafers, LED streetlight chips and packaging, with a focus on medium and large LCD backlights, LED street lighting and home lighting applications.
In 2011, about 30% of LED street light chips in China are expected to be produced locally. Five years ago, LED street light chips were almost entirely imported. In 2009, the world, especially China, has been actively promoting high-power LED street lamps for lighting. The output of high-power, high-brightness LED street lamps has steadily increased, although the share of high-power LED street lamps is still small.
However, the average cost of LED street light chips is reduced by 20% to 30% per year, and the brightness is increased by 10 times. With the development of LED street light chip technology and the speed of mass production, the price is expected to continue to fall. 2011 LED street light chip unit Lumen's offer is expected to be lowered by 10% to 20%, and all types of LED street lights, including high-power LED street lights, will be reduced.
In the middle and large size backlight market that has begun to break out in recent years, the price gap between LED street lamps and CCFL backlight units is gradually narrowing. The price of LED street light backlight units is three times that of CCFL in 2007, and it is only 1.5 times that of CCFL at the end of 2009. Therefore, the LED street light backlight unit seized a large number of traditional CCFL markets in 2010.

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