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Development and application of solar LED lights in urban lighting

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Development and application of solar LED lights in urban lighting

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Urban lighting is a science, a culture, and an art. Urban lighting embodies the image of a city, reflecting the scientific management of a city and is a social system engineering. Solar LED lamps are favored by customers because of their superior energy-saving effect and humanistic light source lighting control. Their cost performance and power frequency AC lamps are basically the same, and they have the characteristics of not damaging the environment and not consuming non-renewable energy, so they are easy for customers to accept. As long as the light source is sufficient, there is a market for the development and application of solar LED lamps.
1. Market analysis of solar LED lamps
With the rapid development of China's economy, the demand for energy is expanding, and the problem of energy shortage has become an important issue affecting the rapid development of China's economy. The full development and utilization of solar energy is an energy strategy decision for the sustainable development of governments around the world. At the same time, driven by the huge potential of the international optoelectronic market, the optoelectronic manufacturing industries of all countries are rushing to invest huge sums of money to expand production to compete for a place. China, as the world's second largest energy consumer, is no exception.
Compared with the internationally booming photovoltaic power generation, China lags behind developed countries for 10-15 years, and even lags behind India. China's optoelectronics industry is growing at an annual rate of 30%, the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, and the country's call for building a new socialist countryside, and a hard indicator of a 20% decline in energy in the next five years. These three provide unprecedented opportunities for the solar industry. The market capacity is very large, and the preferential policies for the development and utilization of renewable resources have been implemented. In this case, we have such a good industrial base. The entire society and the country can have a large production with only a small investment. Out. Solar energy as a renewable energy alternative to traditional non-renewable energy will become a necessity.
At present, the market share of solar lamps in the field of outdoor lighting is less than 20%. It is expected that after 2008, the market share of solar lamps in the field of outdoor lighting can reach more than 10%, and it is expected to reach about 20% after five years. Solar lamps are currently the most environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and most easily promoted new lamps, and the market prospects are self-evident.
2, the working principle of solar LED lamps
During the daytime, the sun shines on the solar module, causing the solar cell module to generate a certain amount of DC voltage, convert the light energy into electrical energy, and then transmit it to the intelligent controller. After the overcharge protection of the intelligent controller, the solar energy component is transmitted. Conveyed to the battery for storage; at night, when the solar module receives no light energy and the output DC voltage drops to near zero, the intelligent controller automatically turns on the control device to supply power to the LED, causing the LED light source to emit sufficient brightness. It is used for lighting; when it is dawn, when the solar module receives the light energy to generate voltage, the intelligent controller automatically switches to the charging mode.
Since 2008, Jiangsu Kaiyuan Solar Lighting Co., Ltd. has been committed to the research and development and production of solar outdoor lighting products. At present, it has developed eight solar energy street lamps, solar garden lights, solar insecticidal lamps, solar traffic lights, solar water pumps, solar home power generation systems, etc. Series of solar application products and related accessories, welcome customers to negotiate and purchase.

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