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Why the Solar Street light lights up during the day

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Why the Solar Street light lights up during the day

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1. Solar panels don't charge batteries through the controller during the day. Controller check: the Controller is charging when the red light is on, the red light is flashing when the battery is full, and the controller is charging with low current pulse. Solar Panel: The connection of the solar panel is not so strong that it can not be charged properly. It usually has a voltage (voltmeter test) , the normal open-circuit voltage is above 17.5 v; but there is no current. This phenomenon is that the wires of the Battery Board are not connected well (welding or weak joint) . The check method can be directly behind the battery board after the black cover is opened, directly with the voltage, ammeter test data. If direct from the panel of aluminum detection are no current, indicating that the panel has problems to be replaced. 2. When the controller is connected, the positive and negative poles are connected backwards, causing the components of the controller to burn out.

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