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Advantages of led street lamp

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1. The characteristic of LED street lamp is that it is unidirectional and has no light diffusing to ensure the efficiency of illumination

2. The LED street lamp's color rendering performance is much higher than that of the high-pressure sodium lamp. The color rendering index of the high-pressure Sodium Lamp is only about 23, while the color rendering index of the LED street lamp is over 75. From the visual psychology point of view, it reaches the same brightness Led Street lamps can reduce illumination by more than 20% on average compared to high-pressure sodium lamps.

3. Each unit has a small size, so can be made into a variety of shapes of devices, and suitable for volatile environments

4. Long Life: Can use more than 50,000 hours, provide three years of quality assurance. The disadvantage is that the life of the power supply can not be guaranteed.

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