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Attention should be paid to these aspects in building lighting engineering

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Attention should be paid to these aspects in building lighting engineering

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1. Harmonious coexistence of change and unity
Building lighting should not only highlight the publicity of personality, but also harmony with the surrounding environment.
The so-called change is the lighting configuration of the single building, which should have its own characteristics and not be the same. In terms of time and space, they should be changing. The changes of lighting techniques, brightness and color make facade lighting lively and full of vitality.
The so-called unity is to emphasize the overall beauty of building lighting. According to the overall planning requirements of urban lighting projects, regional or single lighting projects should be carried out orderly.
2. artistry
The aesthetic principle of buildings is to express the geometry and color combination of points, lines and surfaces. Building lighting must have obvious characteristics, prominent focus and rich cultural connotation.
The first is to highlight the characteristics of the area and the times; the second is to highlight the key points, understand the architect's ideas and intentions, and further elaborate and deepen the characteristics and cultural connotation of the building in the facade lighting design.
3. Use color light carefully
Color light has a strong emotional expression, according to the architectural characteristics and purposes of the building, combined with the optical performance of the external decoration materials, choose the light color. The lighting color of a building should not be too much. If the facade color difference is too large, it is easy to cause color imbalance and damage the three-dimensional sense and building image.
The color of the light source shall be consistent, and the same color light source is best from the same manufacturer. If the building is close to the road, avoid using the same or similar light source as the road lighting to avoid no sense of hierarchy.
4. Beauty and concealment of lighting fixtures
The lamppost and lamps on the sidewalk should have elegant shape. They can become a small landscape on the street in the daytime and at night.
Lamps and lanterns placed on the ground, on the building level or on the top of other structures shall have a certain degree of concealment, which shall not affect the sight of pedestrians or the daytime landscape of buildings and structures.
5. Safety and green
The lamps and lanterns for facade lighting are mostly placed on the ground or on the road, which are easy to be touched by pedestrians. Therefore, safety is the first priority. Leakage protection measures shall be taken in the design to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment. The electrical performance and mechanical strength of lines, lamps and poles shall meet the design specifications.
The lighting design of urban buildings should be carried out under the guidance of national standards, norms and policies, and no or less high-power floodlights should be used. Regularly control the opening time of facade lighting, select high-efficiency energy-saving light source and high-efficiency lamps, such as LED lamp, cold cathode lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, etc., control the brightness and astigmatism of facade lighting, control glare and reduce light pollution.

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