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Talent Concept


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Employing talents, people do their best.

Talent is the soul of an enterprise. The company regards talent as its greatest wealth and always regards talent as the foundation of enterprise development, competition and development.

The company provides employees with a broad stage to display their talents and a broad space to display their talents, so as to discover, cultivate, respect and develop talents.

Emphasis should be laid on the introduction and re-training of talents, complete with all-round technical training and business training, and enhance the practical operation ability of employees at all levels, so as to achieve people-oriented, meritorious and talented people.

We have a young, highly educated workforce, a harmonious and diligent working atmosphere, and a team spirit of common development.

We believe that Jiangsu Baode Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. is an ideal platform for all kinds of talents with both ability and virtue to carry out their ambitions.

2. Salary and benefits


The company provides competitive remuneration in the same industry and maintains external, internal and personal equity through effective remuneration management.

The company mainly determines the salary of employees according to the value, ability and contribution of employees, so as to achieve the goal of "making the best of one's ability and making the best of one's wealth".


Pay social insurance for employees according to relevant government regulations, including pension, medical treatment, industrial injury, unemployment, maternity insurance and housing provident fund, etc.

The company regularly organizes employees to participate in various activities (mountain climbing, outing, tea, dinner, etc.) every year.

The company provides free working lunches for employees.

L Departments are the units, each employee enjoys a certain amount of annual activity funds for department activities and staff exchanges.

3. Career Channel

Baode Company provides two-way choice for employees to develop career paths. Employees with management potentials and abilities can follow the career paths of management line according to their abilities, interests and career plans. They are willing to settle down in a certain profession (R&D, implementation, marketing, consulting, etc.) and devote themselves to research and become the professional career paths for employees of experts in this field. The double-step career development channel provides broad space and platform for employees'career development in the company.

4. Communication channels

The company advocates "communication barrier-free" communication culture, and provides a variety of communication channels (communication meetings, reports, interviews, internal e-mail) to provide various suggestions and opinions to management.

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